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Mary Jane McCarty Studio introduces New Vintage Collection February 14, 2015 14:57

Curtains and lampshades from fabric designed by Mary Jane McCarty

Read more about the New Vintage Collection HERE

New York Cottages & Gardens November 01, 2012 22:48

New York Cottages and Gardens Mary Jane McCarty

In the News online ... July 01, 2012 22:47


    Material Girls April 10, 2012 21:59

    Vintage & Victorian, 2012
    Material Girls

    Once a costume designer, Mary Jane McCarty credits her love of collecting antique fabric and turning it into something beautiful to her seamstress grandparents and her antiques dealer/decorator mother. Blending the best of each, she's scoured markets here and abroad to amass a collection that launched a business of distinctive pillows, lampshades and other home accessories. Click HERE to continue reading ...


    Bergdorf Goodman, Mary Jane McCarty collaborate for limited-edition collection March 14, 2012 23:11

    Luxury Daily - Collaboration between Bergdorf Goodman and Mary Jane McCarty

    MJM in online news December 01, 2010 22:39


    Vintage-fabric lover builds a pillow empire November 27, 2009 22:44

    Mary Jane McCarty - Vintage-fabric lover builds a pillow empire
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 2009  by Kathleen Nicholson Webber
    Vintage-fabric lover builds a pillow empire

    Mary Jane McCarty has seen her designs in print, but never on the big screen. So, when she was tipped off that they might be glimpsed in the recent documentary The September Issue, she had to see for herself. In a scene in Anna Wintour's Long Island home, an array of her vintage-fabric pillows are on the Vogue editor's sofa getting their close-up.Wintour buys McCarty's wares at New York's Treillage for her home and for friends. She refers to McCarty, whom she has never met, as "the pillow lady." Read the full article Vintage-fabric lover builds a pillow empire HERE:


    Country Living - A Home Makeover with Antique Decor September 02, 2009 16:10

    Country Living A Home Makeover with Antique Decor
    Country Living - The Makeover Issue, August 2009
    A Home Makeover with Antique Decor by Ann Hodgman
    Photographs by Gridley+Graves

    Mary Jane McCarty collects things — from fabric to art to family heirlooms — with a story. But the designer's greatest tale is how she transformed a dark house into a new beginning.
    "How I found it" and "What I did to it" make up the key plot elements in most renovation tales. But at Mary Jane McCarty's cottage in Yardley, Pennsylvania, the subplots are just as important. "I like things that tell a story," says McCarty, a designer who transforms old textiles into new pillows and lampshades. "Pretty much everything here," she says, gesturing to the rooms of her 1906 home, "is a family heirloom or a vintage find."   Read the rest of the article on Mary Jane McCarty's decor HERE


    The Pillow Lady June 16, 2005 07:12


    Pillows and home decor by Mary Jane McCarty

    Bucks County Town & Country Living, Summer 2005

    The Pillow Lady by Bob Waite
    Photography by Paul Wesley 

    Mary Jane McCarty, known to some as "the pillow lady," spent 12 years designing costumes for films and television. It was an exciting career, but it didn't fit her plans to adopt a child and move into a restored colonial fieldstone house outside of Easton. "I come from a lineage that includes both seamstresses and antique shop owners," she said. "I tossed around ideas about starting some kind of home business." Read about The Pillow Lady HERE

    With All the Trimmings December 01, 2003 08:02

    With all the trimmings Mary Jane McCarty in Country Living

    Country Living Holidays 2003
    With All the Trimmings by Matthew Holm
    Photography by John Blais

    At Christmastime, a vintage textile collector's love of fabrics shines through.

    "I've always been fascinated by fabrics," says homeowner Mary Jane McCarty. "I've always loved to sew." A decade ago, she and her husband, Stephen Lebowitz, and architect and artist, decided they wanted to lead a quieter life that would give them more time to spend with their daughter. They left their Manhattan apartment behind for the tranquil countryside of Bucks County, Pa. The 100-year-old clapboard house the young family discovered had been recently renovated by previous owners, and only needed to be decorated. In her years spent working as a costume designer in New York City, Mary Jane had amassed an impressive array of new, vintage, and antique fabrics and trim, and she used these velvets, toiles, buttons, and tassels to dress her new home. Read full article on Mary Jane McCarty HERE